African Rainbow Capital as a Investment?

Take a look at the Investments and structure of this group, you will understand why this investment looks so attractive to me. African Rainbow Capital Investments Ltd. operates as an investment holding company. It is a fully Black owned and controlled company of significant scale focusing on opportunities in the South African and African financial services and has diversified investments.

ARC Financial Services

African Rainbow Capital has services in the Asset Management sector with businesses like Sanlam, Alexander Forbes, Rand Mutual Holdings etc. The Banking Sector includes ThymeBank, ThymeGlobal, AI Fund and also Insurance companies which includes Capital Legacy, OOBA etc.

Looking at TymeBank.

TymeBank provides affordable banking with a superior banking experience for middle to upper markets. They recently received the backing of Chinese internet giant Tencent as a funder and new shareholder. TymeBank is the first bank in South Africa to be operated fully off a cloud-based infrastructure network. TymeBank has Apis Partners on board to make the expansion phase very successful.

MoreTyme, the payment method from TymeBank, will be rolled out first in Jet Stores then in all TFG stores during the course of 2022. TymeBank’s model with retailers contributes to its huge success.

ARC Diversified Investments

Investments in these sectors are made for growth potential, well established companies and companies that generate cash flows. I will only mention a few:

  • Telecommunication companies, Rain and Metrofibre.

  • Mining companies include Afrimat and Crops etc.

  • Property diversified thru Majik Property Holdings (UK properties), Val de Vie (luxury estate Paarl Valley, Cape Town) and Barlow Park (Barloworld Park Campus, Sandton, Johannesburg)

  • Agriculture includes Acorn Agri, RSA Group and Subtropico

With this companies high diversified portfolio of high-quality investments, this is a unique opportunity to invest. Do your own research and wait for the right opportunity to buy.

Happy Investing!

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