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Asset Classes, where can I put my money?

Investment education is essential! Don’t invest into investments you do not understand, educate yourself first. Don’t trust all the sources on the internet. If you want to speak to an independent financial advisor talk to someone who gets paid for their time not commission and also ask them some questions. Above all diversify, diversify!!


A cash bank deposit is the simplest, most understandable investment asset and the safest. Your money is guaranteed back. The only negative is that your interest earned on these fund does not beat inflation. You do get high interest savings account but these funds are locked up for a period.


Bonds are determined mainly by interest rates and when the Federal Reserve increase interest rates investors usually run to this as an investment.

In short it is when companies or other entities need to raise money to finance new projects. The borrower issues a bond that includes the terms of the loan, interest payments and the time at which the loaned funds must be paid back. Bond holders can sell to other investors, they don’t have to hold a bond all the way thru the period.


ETFs are very popular under investors. ETFs track an underlying index or any other "basket" of stocks it specifies in, this can be anything from (EM) Emerging markets, commodities, biotechnology etc.


This is where the investor buys into a company directly and gain from stock price increase and dividend declaration.

Real Estate

Investors can buy commercial or residential properties. Alternatively, they can purchase shares in real estate investment trusts REIT's (group of investors pool their money together to purchase properties)


Commodities refer to tangible resources such as gold, silver, crude oil, as well as agricultural products.

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