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Best blue chip Stocks to buy for 2022?

Never purchases shares without first doing a proper in-depth research and analysis. Understand the basic tools to use for investing and invest according to your own risk profile. You want your return to justify your risk and be patient and buy at a good price. According to news in the financial markets and specialists the following companies are good investments you can look at for the 2022 financial year.

British American Tobacco

BTI is a Cigarette Manufacturing company. I hold this share myself, this is a very good long-term Investment. They have a big dividend yield and therefore one of the best dividend paying shares. This stock also has good cash flows and got involved in the transition from cigarettes to vape products.


Naspers share price declined but it actually provides a good opportunity to invest in Naspers at a great price. According to resources Naspers is undervalued by 28% to Prosus. The Chinese stocks looks better also. They also hold 31% in Tencent. Naspers is adding further investments through the venture capital arm.


Netflix has a very high P/E ratio and a lot of investors will say that this share is overvalued. I am one of those and find myself holding back on buying this share. Memberships are growing year on year and they are leading the streaming market and delivers on content. If you feel brave, then this is a good investment.


I am a proud shareholder! This is the largest food retailer in Africa. With the 60sixty application for food delivery services, it’s a huge success. Their revenue grows year on year and Shoprite has a consistent dividend yield. With a good P/E ratio this company is a good investment.

Gold Fields Limited

In times of uncertainty institutional investors run to gold. Some of the gold stocks are priced very high and who knows where this will go. On the list of companies Gold Fields Limited is the favourite. There is a lot of factors that influence the gold price and with inflation on the doorstep, gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation.

Anglo American PLC

In the mining and mineral sector, lower Iron ore prices contributed to the mining sectors falling share price. When construction picks up Iron ore prices will increase and this will be in favour of Anglo American PLC.


Everyone was surprises to see how luxury brands outperformed in Covid. It sits with a high P/E ratio but a lot of investors still believe that this share price will go higher.

I am sure that there will be some to add sooner than later as times change and companies outperform as they challenge themselves in these difficult times and reach success earlier than expected.

Happy Investing!

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