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Renergen Limited

Renergen is about cleaner energy, carbon mission reduction and renewable resources. Their key activities are exploring natural gas, processing and distribution. They mine natural gas and refine it to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquid Helium (Lhe). They also developed Cryo-Vacc.

If all goes to plan all projects should be in place by 2024. They have the first and only onshore petroleum production right in South Africa and one of the riches sources of helium globally.

The future of the alternative energy sector is enormous, first coal, now solar, battery etc. and in time that will become more affordable. Eventually fusion technology will evolve.


Helium is used for many every day uses:


Renergen Limited has developed Cryo-VaccTM that uses liquid nitrogen, this solves the complexities of keeping products cold during transportation, distribution, including to keep vaccines for Covid-19 at the correct temperature, crucial for keeping vaccines safe and effective for the end user.

Virginia Gas Project

This is in the towns of Virginia, Welkom and Theunissen in the Freestate. The natural gas contains one of the richest helium concentrations recorded globally. “With this project, South Africa becomes one of the only seven remaining producers of helium in the world, alongside the United States, Canada, Qatar, Russia, Poland and Algeria.”

  • 462,087 acres of production rights

  • 16 producing gas wells

  • Production Right granted by the SA government for a 30-year period; renewable at Renergen’s discretion

  • Microbial gas source (deep seated underground bacteria producing high quality methane)

  • Asteroid responsible for the Vredefort Dome (World Heritage site) created large amounts of Uranium and Thorium underground releasing high-quality helium through radioactive decay


Renergen created tokens for helium in order for investors to take profit from the spread in the helium price because it is so big. The token represents actual helium you can physically collect. The US is in the process of issuing this token watch this space Argonon (

The Future:

Wallet-Investor: According to our live Forecast System, Renergen Limited stock is an outstanding long-term investment:

  • Increased penetration of MRI in emerging markets

  • Growth in electronics, semiconductors, LCD and fibre optics mainly from South East Asia

  • Quantum computers are becoming commercially viable and rely on large amounts of helium to operate

Key Future Catalysts

  • Space agencies (China, India, SpaceX)

  • According to Deloitte’s 2019 report “Global health care outlook”, the number of private hospitals in China doubled which represents a compound growth of over 12% in the private health care sector alone

  • The world’s only primary helium supply, the USA Federal reserve goes offline to the public sector in 2021, due to depletion

I am invested in this stock and see only a bright future in my opinion. Doing a fundamental analysis is difficult due to insufficient financial data over n 5 year period. According to the moving average it is a strong buy. Their financial position is improving and this is a stable performing stock with a Beta at 0.77.

Please do your research and decide for yourself if this is a stock worth investing in.

Happy Investing !

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