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Updated: Feb 20

Always use money you saved or want to save to invest with. You never want to use money you need for daily essentials, investing is a risk.

Diversify your portfolio, like they say “never put all your money in one basket”. Times change and markets change and your portfolio will also change accordingly.

I believe in long-term investing and that should be your goal and Retirement is the number one reason to invest.

So why don’t people invest?

Because it is “Risky” and “Overwhelming”.

In fact, over decades, it is proven that investing gives returns. We all have retirement funds, invested in different stocks or financial vehicles. So, you are already investing but how about being in control of your own portfolio and being able to diversify even more.

Interestingly people put their savings away in the following order:

· Savings

· Low-risk Investments

· High-risk Investments

· Real Estate

· Cash

· High-yield Savings

Make use of a Financial Advisor?

It is all up to you if you would like to make use of a Financial Advisor. According to statistics 58% - 65% of people prefer a financial advisor. This blog is to encourage woman to do their own research and ask the intelligent questions regarding these investments and eventually venture on with making your own decisions.

Investing is not only about money…

When you invest you have more insight when it comes to discussing world economics, financial markets, future technology, retirement etc.

Teach your kids to understand the financial markets and what’s currently in the news. Start early with a little and grow your portfolio and work your way to financial independence.

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